Free Resumes: Our Resume Builder automatically assembles your resume. After you login, you are walked through each section. For each section, you receive instructions and can see some examples

At any time, you can see your resume being assembled. If you need to look something up, like work history or dates of education, you can always login another day and continue working. When finished, the Resume Builder will have assembles a complete text resume. Many employers request text resumes for their online applications.

If you need a formatted resume, you have several options. If you have a friend with reasonably good Word skills, perhaps you could ask them to format the resume for you.

Formatting: We can format your resume for you. We have many styles available for you to choose; a small handful appear on the Examples page with many more examples available after you login. After you make your selection, we will format your resume. These prices are for formatting only.

One page: $30
Two page: $50
Complex: $70

Formatting and Proofing: Sometimes you might want to have someone take a good look at the resume, to make sure that the language is OK. While we do some of this during our Formatting, if there are language issues or many changes, we might suggest that you get some help with the language or pay a bit more money for us to do it. This is self service - the more you are able to do yourself, the less our services cost you. Our goal is for you to have a fabulous professional looking resume at a reasonable cost. With our support, you should be able to do much of the work.

The Profile: The top of the resume, including a few achievement lines, is very difficult to write. This is the section that the employer quickly scans, so you have to be very accurate. How do you know that you have the correct 2nd line. An employer described one of our resumes as "powerful" because of one word on the third line. Achievement are difficult to identify, and the lines can be very hard to write. If everything else on the resume is OK, it makes sense to consult just on these two.

Complete Resume Service: We believe in the self-serve model, where you do as much work as possible. We might show you how to complete one entry in the Work History, and leave it to you to complete the rest. Then, if you want, we would format it after you choose from our many sample resumes. Harder to put a price on this, it depends on how much work you are able to do on your own.